Yo, folks! Eve's Channel is where transcripts and videos belonging to me, One Hollows' Eve, are kept nice and neat in this lil' cubby o' the internet! Unfortunately, for now it's just a repertoire of my future YouTube videos but not my Twitch videos. 😣 I'll work on that in the future...

For those who do not know, I am a very, very young YouTuber who created his YouTube account in September of 2021 and only recently started uploading videos or getting content ready for them, at least.

It's been a really rocky road, as it always is for most YouTubers in the beginning, but I'm determined to pursue this journey to becoming a decent content creator, a decent face in the alternative online scene, and bring unique content to the internet!

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◽ Introduction - Who is One Hollows' Eve?

Yo, folks! My name is Elian Hollow and I am One Hollows' Eve! I am a black transmasculine metalhead who suffers from MDD (major depressive disorder) and is a returning face to the world of the internet...after...what...nine years??

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